Jason's Wholesale Spa is the area's authorized warranty provider for Aspen Spas. In addition to our brands we have received training on Dimension One Spas, Master Spas, Jacuzzi, Vita Spas, Cal Spas and Balboa Instruments just to name a few. 

YES we can work on hot tub's sold by other dealers in the Michiana Area.

Our technicians are equipped for most any aspect of hot tub and spa repair including but not limited too:
  Plumbing and valves
  Water features
  Filtration systems
  Entertainment systems and lighting systems
  Pumps and motors
  Cabinets and shells
  Covers and filters

Service Needed:
To schedule spa and hot tub repair or to inquire about hot tub parts, simply submit the Contact Us form or give us a call at (574) 272-0070 and ask for Jason.

Open or Close Your Pool

Pool Chemicals Included​

When Should I Open my Pool

It’s a well-known fact that warmer temperatures breed algae in a swimming pool. If your winter cover is a mesh cover that allows sunlight through you want to open it before we get consecutive 60 degree days full of sunlight. It’s better to open up the pool earlier than wait only to find a mountain of algae. A solid cover will buy you more time than a mesh cover but waiting too long might lead to that same mountain of algae.

Pool Opening Service

Have your pool professionally opened and ready for an enjoyable season. At start-up, we will perform the following:

  Remove debris from immediate deck area
  Remove, fold and store pool cover
  Reassemble filter, pump, pool cleaner
  Install ladders, rail, skimmer baskets and accessories
  Remove winterization plugs
  Start-up filter system
  Light pilot on pool heater. Heater will be left off but ready to operate.
  Initial test & adjustment of water chemistry, add owner chemicals

Some pools require additional vacuuming after start-up and this is NOT included. Due to time constraints and the number of pools we open each season, we are only able to allot 2 hours maximum per call. Any additional work needed will have to be rescheduled by the customer.

Pool Closing Service

Protect your investment! Professional closing is a necessity for the educated pool owner. Have it done right by Jason's Pool and Spa Company to avoid costly and time consuming repairs in the spring. Our closing package includes:

  Lowering water level to proper level for cover type
  Air blow and plug lines
  Winterize filtration system and pumps
  Install skimmer protection expansion devices
  Add winter chemicals
  Install winter pool cover

Fall closing price does not include any chemicals, plugs, skimmer expansion device, or safety cover anchors and will be billed in addition to closing price above. Vacuuming is not included in our standard closing and pool will be winterized in the condition it is in upon arrival unless prior arrangements have been made to clean the pool (at additional cost). 

Closings are scheduled "week of" and not by specific appointments. It is not required for someone to be home for the visit provided we have access to the pool, equipment, winter cover, etc. If our crew can not perform scheduled work due to access problems or other reasons and has to return at a later time, an additional fee will apply.

Spa Maintenance

Our trained technicians service all makes and models and offer emergency service in the winter months. At Jason's we believe owning a spa should be easy and enjoyable. We provide many services to help you achieve this goal. 

Hot Tub Drain, Clean & Refill

Give us a try with this popular service! Service includes drain & clean, refill, and testing & adjustment of water chemistry. Service recommended every 120 - 180 days, depending on usage.

Spa Maintenance Programs

Take the work out of maintaining your spa so you can relax and enjoy it! For our customers on our Maintenance Program, at each visit our technician will:

  Clean cover & equipment area
  Clean immediate area around spa
  Skim water surface
  Clean waterline
  Vacuum spa with spa wand
  Empty baskets
  Rinse filter
  Test & adjust water chemistry
  General condition/operation check

In addition, our Spa Maintenance Program includes:

  Discounted drain and clean every 90 days
  Weekly and Bi-weekly programs

Hot Tub Winterization and Summerization Service

Neglecting your tub during the winter or summer months can cause costly repairs. Service includes draining spa of water, blowing air through all lines, open drain-outs, rinse filter cartridge, and securing cover.

Spa Covers

If you are suffering from an unsightly, smelly, or heavy, water-logged spa top, we can help. A properly fit cover can significantly reduce heat loss from a spa and reduce operating expenses. We can deliver a new custom cut spa top and handle disposal of your old cover. We also take the guesswork our of measuring because we do it for you for free! Jason's proudly features Castle Spa Covers.

Spa Moves and Spa Removal

Jason's also specializes in local spa moves and removal. Removal service includes disposal of your old tub. Contact us today for more information. 

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Above Ground

Deluxe Chem. Kit
2 lb. Oxy Plus 
1 qt. Stain and Scale
1 qt. 10% Algaecide
1 qt. Clarifier

4 gal. Liquid Shock
In Ground

Deluxe Chem. Kit
2 lb. Oxy Plus 
1 qt. Stain and Scale
1 qt. 10% Algaecide
1 qt. Clarifier

4 gal. Liquid Shock

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